9 Classic Rules on How to Be a Gentleman

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Being a gentleman isn’t just a personality trait, it’s something of a lifestyle. To be a gentleman, you need to build a reputation that says “gentleman”. This reputation is built around respect, this can be respect for yourself, respect for those around you. It’s more than just holding the door for somebody like many think, being a gentleman is a dying art that many desire.

So here are 9 classic rules on how to be a classic gentleman that will benefit your life both professionally and personally:

1.  Defining Your Personal Style

A Gentleman, believe it or not, is not just a man in a suit, tie, polished shoes and a flashy watch. Nowadays a gentleman can choose any style that suits his personality, its more about how your attitude in a certain outfit and how you carry yourself. This means that you don’t just need to look good on the outside but feel good on the inside with the clothes you are wearing.

2. Good Personal Hygiene

A good personal hygiene is very important and does wonders to your physical appearance. If you keep well groomed, showered and clean women will most definitely notice! In fact, there is a reason why women pay so much attention to their physical appearance, and women do notice the smaller things that they care so much about. So why not show that you make the same effort in the things she cares about?

3. Be Mature

If you act like a kid, you will be seen as a kid. That is why it is so important to show that you are mature and able to handle real life grown up situation on your own. This independence in grown up situations makes a man seem much more attractive and easily dependable on! This behaviour makes you much more of the gentleman you want to become!

4. Be Polite

    To seem more gentlemanly, you need to show good manners, good manners maketh man! This means that you should keep language PG 13 and always smile at strangers, hold the door open when needed, be selfless and caring towards those around you.

    5. Know Your Purpose

    This is very important! People are seen as much more attractive is they have a drive for success and know what their passion is. Therefore it is very important to have a purpose in your life and be able to achieve it no matter what. A gentleman is usually a successful person with drive.

    6. Stay True to Your Word

    This is one of the most important traits a gentleman can have, it is so important to never go back on your word, ever. You need to always keep your promises and be a trustworthy individual. This creates the perfect reliable image of a man.

    7. Be a Doer

    Don’t ever hesitate with your decisions, be sure about what you want in life and when you are go for it! This drive will help you make decisions and be happier in doing so. Having no regrets in your decisions as long as they affect others in a positive light is a very important trait to have as a gentleman.

    8. Stay Organised

    You need to have your world neatly sowed together, there should be no mess in your life. In fact, a cleaner and more organised life with a very organised routine makes a much happier and more successful person. It is something that all gentlemen need to be able to accomplish.

    9. Just Be Yourself!

    If you are a pretender, chances are people will not actually trust or like you and not see you as a gentleman at all. So just be yourself!!

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